Monday, December 24, 2012

AAM Monday - Christmas Eve, Without Fish

Sadly, no one over here in VA, or in MD for that matter, is seriously Italian and inviting me to the Christmas eve La Viglia - the Feast of Seven Fishes.  I don't always enjoy cooking in someone else's kitchen either, and so I had Ledo pizza for lunch. It's Italian, isn't it???? and vegetarian for a day of abstinence.  Having a rather late lunch, I only had an avocado salad for dinner. A small salad while I watched more Lightroom tutorial videos.

All of that was part of my day's activity - enjoying some of the multi-ethnic bounty of Northern Virginia.

From Lebanese Taverna - Garlic spread, Avocado salad, and Taboulleh

From Heidelberg Bakery - a Dresden Stollen for tomorrow's breakfast

From Mama Lavash - a packet of sorely needed Zaatar

and finally

From Trader Jo's  - Belgian chocolate to go with the wonderful pears left for my by my daughter in law.

Life can be very delicious in Northern Virginia even without dinner invitations.

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