Friday, December 21, 2012

5 Fact Friday - December 21, 2012

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Well here we are again. Alive...still, and able to blog. So what are my facts? Rather limited since it's just me and an ancient dog who likes to spend his days sleeping.

1. I am spending a week dog sitting over in Virginia. With short days, and last minute Christmas shoppers out and about on the already overcrowded roads, I plan to vegetate for the most part. The dog is my role model.

2. One lens fell out of my glasses yesterday and I do not have my dh & his collection of eyeglass screws to fix the frame. Thus I may end up on those roads. Directions call for making a U-turn near the Pentagon! bwahahaha! As if I'd like to try this and live.

3. There is a live Christmas tree in this house which is something I don't have at home. It smells wonderful and the needles are not my responsibility. Woohoo!

4. This tree has a funnel in the branches for watering! Who knew? My son apparently knew.

5. I am repeatedly wearing out the battery life on the electronic iToys I brought with me. Use and charge; use and charge; repeat; repeat. I miss my iMac which is so a first world woe, isn't it...

That's all for this week, folks! Have a great weekend! and do check out the other bloggers on that link at the top of this post.

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