Friday, December 14, 2012

5 Fact Friday: December 14, 2012

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Fact 1. This year I am not doing a December Daily. Somehow, after the trip this fall, I really had no incentive to do it. I am enjoying looking at everyone else's, and may even get the 'gitupandgo' to do a few digital memory ones myself. The 'gitupandgo' means looking through old photo albums and scanning the photos. I suspect that may not happen.

December 14
back in 2010

Fact 2. I managed not to gain any weight on the trip despite the prodigious amounts of eating we did. I even had dessert twice a day usually! My doctor was pleased with me, and so was I.

Fact 3. While I love my new external hard drive that is working as my backup, the flashing white light when it's 'working' is really annoying. At least it's not a blue light.

Fact 4. My husband had a torn retina years ago. I called it his 'exploding eyeball'. Now a friend of mine also tore hers.  What I mean is that she had a torn retina, and the description of the surgery made me want to put my head under the covers and block the idea out.

Fact 5. I left one pair of black shoes on the ship because I was done with them, but I also left another black pair that was supposed to go in my carry on bag. I no longer have a good daily black pair and I really don't feel like fighting the Christmas crowds to get a new pair.  Thus I expect to wear tan Clarks until mid January.

wearing Christmas socks though!


Robyn Greenhouse said...

Two desserts a day - sounds like a fun trip!

Viv (modifica) said...

Well done for not gaining on holiday that's impressive.
Love your Clark's shoes . I live very near where the original Clark's factory was in fact the Clark family still live nearby . They were and I don't know if they still are Quakers.

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

Wow - desserts and no added weight - good for you! It's too bad you left behind a pair of shoes you meant to keep - but the Clarks are great!

Sylvia said...

Two desserts a day ... hmm, I would have gained weight for sure :-(
Love your Christmas socks !
Nice weekend,

Kim Klassen said...

such fun facts...cute shoes....and good job on not gaining any weight...that's fantastic......


Dotti said...

Part of the fun of a cruise is the desserts! I made sure to do laps around the ship and didn't gain any weight. I also think you burn up more calories than usual on the active shore trips. Sounds like you had fun!

Patrice said...

Sounds like a great trip!

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