Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Lighten and Brighten Those Images

There are many ways to skin this cat or subject so keep playing with your images and you'll find the method that works for you. This one comes straight from  Sahlin Studio.While Krista Sahlin uses PSCS, it also works just fine in PSE.

I'm using PSE10 on a Mac.

First get your image, here one of us on a Cunard cruise 5 years ago. You may say we look old but to us today, we look much younger! Gravity happens.

The basic image, but with the only layer, normally called 'background' changed to layer 0. Do this by double clicking that layer, over on the right in orange, and you'll get the option to change it to an editable layer. Simple huh?

Now duplicate that layer by clicking on layer 0, then hitting CMD (Cntrl on PC) - J. and you'll see the new duplicate layer on top of the original. Click that duplicate layer, and change the blend mode, the drop down right above the layer, to Screen. Click the eyeball to the left of the layer image and you'll see the on- off difference. Keep it on but you probably want to reduce the opacity as Krista does and as I did.

I reduced the opacity to 42%. That way you have more contrast and the image is no longer so white. Don't worry ...there's more to do!

Now you want to click that layer 0 copy, and duplicate it.  CMD/Cntrl J again. This time, make the blend mode Soft Light. I changed the opacity to 75%.

Looks good to  me. One thing I often did in early days, and still do in some layouts when I am working with lots of copies, is to enter the blend and/or opacity info as the name of the layer. It helps you to see the kind of combos that appeal to you. If you're in CS, you can write your own action. PSE? not yet, maybe in PSE12???

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