Thursday, November 1, 2012

AAM: Scrapbooking Slowing Down

I haven't felt the need or desire to do much more than the weekly Project Life page lately. I like the concept of PL but really it doesn't always allow me to do as much playing around as I seem to have done when it was just the plain 365. I am now thinking that for 2013, I will alternate the styles a bit more. When I look back on some of my 2011 pages, I like the ability I had to write more.

I finally realize I don't want lots of little cute cards on the pages. I like seeing them on other people's pages, but it's not me. Kind of like knowing that it is pretty darn unlikely that you will see many flowers or buttons on my pages. Definitely not torn papers or old tape. But knowing what I don't want is easier than defining quite how I do want it. Clean but enjoyable. As with most of life, it's all a process.

I was more in a fall mood for this page than the weather we were actually having would have indicated. We had the a/c on a couple nights but I think we finally have a good fall weather. Albeit with Hurricane Sandy to help it along the way...a welcome chill in the air.

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