Friday, November 2, 2012

5 Fact Friday: November 2, 2012

There didn't seem to be a 5 Fact Friday at the 'mothership' site but I'm hoping there is one this week. In any case, this meme comes from

So what facts can I come up with this week...

1. We survived Hurricane Sandy just fine thank you. No loss of power, no internet out, no trees or power lines down. Sadly, many parts of the east coast are not able to say the same thing, and the devastation in NY and NJ is terrible. I suspect recovery will take a lot of time...

2. I bought about 8 new pairs of socks at Target. I have a reason, but one of them is the winter stuff will be gone soon. It always is.  All the socks are black and/or gray except for two wild pairs of kneesocks. I'm hoping they don't clink to my slacks/jeans.

3. Did you know that if you rub hand lotion right on your socks or tights or whatever you might have on your legs in the cold, you minimize the static cling?

4. I have been alternating oatmeal with grits, bacon, and eggs for breakfast. That seems a good balance to me. I'm hoping my heart agrees.

5. Those things are on my dining room table for a reason.

That's all she wrote folks! If you click on that little banner in this post, you'll see some more Friday Facts from other bloggers (I hope).  Join in when you can!

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