Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial:Finding the Original Pin on Pinterest

I'm sure you have been as frustrated as I've been to click on a Pinterest pin, only to find that the poster did not link to the original link. Maybe it was just a 'hurry up and repin' or maybe the pinner didn't know how to link to a specific post rather than a whole blog or ... who knows. But I let out a deep sigh when it happens to me. Clicking back to oblivion can be a real pita or perhaps you go back to Tumblr and hit that brick wall. I cannot fathom why some people still use Tumblr but that's another issue...

Karen, aka The Graphics Fairy, put this post up on a clever way to find that original image without clicking into the next century. Click here!

You DO know that The Graphics Fairy has oooodles of free, vintage images don't you? Well, you do now, so do take time to have a good, long at Karen's site. She's really got a treasure trove for you.

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