Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Reducing Noise in PSE

This tutorial is taken straight from The Texas Chicks, who I tend to call the Dixie Chicks but they're not! There is a lot more info on the blogpost in different ways to reduce the noise.

Here is how it looked on my computer. I'm working in PSE10 on a Mac.

First, with an image open, go to Filter, Noise, then Reduce Noise.

Using the setting that the Texas Chicks used, gave me this variation.

This was too blury for me so I fiddled with the setting, especially the preserve details.

I liked this one a lot better. By the way, this photo had a considerable amount (for me) of work on the lighting before even getting to the basic image. I did not take it and the only light appeared to be the cake. That's my granddaughter at her 9th or 10th birthday dinner.

Many thanks to The Texas Chicks for giving me a new technique to use. Hope this helps you with your editing!

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