Thursday, October 25, 2012

AAM: The Saddest Short Story

Periodically, the subject of tweaking a scrapbook layout almost to death comes up on some of the forums I frequent. For many reasons, I don't feel compelled to keep going back and making this or that improvement. I'm not on a creative team, I don't feel pressure to be 'as good as' this person or that person who I can see IS a lot better, more creative, whatever than I am.

It makes me sad to hear so many women feeling that they can get this one aspect of their busy lives - just perfect. Work, marriage, children, family...they are all like plates we juggle trying to be the woman we imagine we can be and, often, naturally failing. But this scrapbook layout - or whatever it may be in your life - well, I WILL get it Just Right! I suspect that for you or for me, it just won't happen whether we're talking about a layout or having our children be what we imagine they should be or just having clean kitchen counters for more than an hour.

original from the Washington Post - date unknown

Was I always this way? Oh no... in fact that evil habit of believing the perfect is possible still comes up now and then. Marriage helped me cure some of it because when two 'mature' adults marry, they are both fairly set in their ways, and it's not likely that one (moi) is going to really change the other one. I still try sometimes because I am sure that my way is the best way. What can I say???  I don't imagine you have any of this delusional thinking, do you????

But today, in looking for a missing Crop-a-dile, I came across this old cartoon I had clipped. Now I know I clipped it as a reminder for myself, so I must need to see it again. That Crop-a-dile is still missing but I apparently found what I really needed today.  Perfectionism is truly insidious.

Maybe this will help you with some part of your own life today!

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