Friday, October 26, 2012

5 Fact Friday - October 26, 2012

Here it is Friday and that means 5 Facts! I've never been short on either opinion or fact. "Fact" of course is often just a subjective view, but inside my big noodle, as my children called the brain, they tend to behave as facts. This, of course, is more the reader or listener's problem rather than mine! However, here I speaketh the truth.

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1. Chocolate for me is milk chocolate, period, and I absolutely adore the 1lb Belgian chocolate bar sold at Trader Jo's. Don't ask how often I buy one. You really don't want to know.

2. In high school, I loved debate and my specialty was extemp - Extemporaneous Speaking. See sentence 2 in the first paragraph of this blogpost.

3. The meniscus in my right knee is not only torn but pushed out of place. Shockingly so.  I now have bone hitting bone there but the surgeon and I agree that surgery is not called for - yet. Periodic cortisone shots seem to help a lot. That and Aleve may buy me time.

4. Years ago when I lived in damp, cool, northern England, I grew roses, beautiful, healthy roses. I grew them by putting them in the ground. My house was built on an old pig farm. I had soil, oh did I have great soil.  When I lived in Thailand I had orchid plants up the gazoo. Anywhere you walked, you were in danger of banging your head on an orchid.  Beautiful orchids, all very cheap, like under $5.  The moral is - garden with native plants and you'll do just fine.

5. I've started a new volunteer position, as a Student Coordinator. I'm not sure if I need my brains examined as I have learned that working with volunteers is often like 'herding cats.'  Time will tell.

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radish38 said...

Good Five Fact Friday. I could not make the five facts, but I did put up five pictures from yesterday. Thank you so much for spending time commenting on my blog. Occasionally I get tired of everything being so wonderful in the women's blogging land. Then I just have to say something. I love the title of your blog. I should really have a food blog, as at least I could stay on topic. But I think it would bore even me. Have a nice weekend.

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