Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Yes, PSE 11 is Here

Even as the stores put out the Christmas decorations before Halloween, we know that Adobe has new versions of PSE and probably CS waiting on the horizon. It can be a lot of expense to upgrade each year, so when I got an email from Digital Scrapper, I thought I'd share the link. Click here.

Linda Sattgast really has a great base of knowledge, and shares it clearly. Will I buy this one? Well, having JUST written the xml for about 10 new styles, I can only sigh... What I will probably do is wait for this version to be sold at Costco, at a discount price, with the wonderful dvd Linda prepares for each version. That image makes me wonder if it's going to be available immediately as opposed to later in the release time as is usual?

However, right now my mind is on Lightroom and one new program a time is enough for me!

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