Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: PSE Text Overlays for Photos

This is something I learned long ago, but saw again as I was clearing out some of my printed tutorials. Ok, when I first started digital scrapping, there were almost no video tutorials, so whatever I found, I printed out. That's when the fun began as I tried to fathom what the tutorial meant with my Mac PSE4. Yes, version 4 when the rest of the PC PSE world was using version 6. It took Adobe a frickin' long time to realize there were a lot of us Mac users, and today, the two versions come in the same box so you could switch platforms.

Sorry, that was a deep rabbit hole. But this is my blog and I do get a place to rant a bit here.

Ok, back to the making of a that overlay. Many many designers make these and sell them and if it's quick and easy you want...just buy them. They really are worth it. However, there comes a time when you want something NOW and don't want to hunt through the shops for the specific wording you want or you want a special font or you want to use your own handwriting which you've made into a font.  So you do it yourself.

Cathy Zielske has both a video AND a print out to share with you.  Click HERE.  Cathy is super generous and oh so clear in her instructions. Mwahaha!

I played along just to be sure I DID remember this way.

my basic photo - about 6"

now we have that inner frame

now we have the Text Overlay up on the top
I used one layer for Hello (Archer font) and another layer for los angeles (Yevida font).  I then veered off... This is what I did and why.

Lots of times you see a text overlay like this inserted into the frame overlay.  Here's how.  If you are really satisfied with your text, use the move tool, and drag the text OVER the frame overlay. If you have more than one font layer, link those two layers with the Link tool (looks like a chain link fence).

Once you have the text OVER the part of the frame outline you want to remove, click on the frame outline layer. Be sure you are on this layer!! Go to your erase tool, (just check again that you're on the frame overlay layer) and erase the part of the frame you want.  If you goof, there is always Ctrl (CMD on a Mac) -Z.  God bless undo.

I moved my text down, and erased. I'm letting you see what could be better. If I had made my frame overlay further (farther?) away from the edge of my photo, I could have done this and still seen that great base of the letter L. Oh well, it just shows that it's practice, practice, practice.

Again, thanks to Cathy Zielske for such great tutorials, and thanks Cathy for being on a Mac!

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