Monday, September 17, 2012

Travel West, then Westward Some More

These have been two hectic weeks, going from Maryland to New Mexico to Arizona, then back to Maryland. Just enough I like to say to read a few newspapers and do about 3 or 4 batches of laundry. Try to connect with a bit of our regular life and then get back on an airplane.

This time to Los Angeles with a flying trip down to San Diego and back. It could have been an easier trip to San Diego but the freeways were pretty jammed and this lead to a lot of herky jerky driving. The driver got cranky and the two passengers were not so amused either. However, on this short trip our grandson saw the colleges he wanted to see, and having seen them is pretty sure he is not a SoCal man. It's good to see and feel the vibe of an area and know that while it's nice for a visit, it's not what you want for four years or a lifetime.

My one friend said that the East Coast has a lot of granite in it's makeup. In the soil, and in the makeup of people. CA's land is shifting constantly and that is reflected in the easier way of life. Sometimes you just need to know what fits you.

We two grandparents and one grandson's a beautiful place to visit (despite the record breaking temperatures we had over the weekend) but in reality, it's not really us. East Coasters? yep that's us. But we did have some fun in the California sun!

Not the greatest of photos with my iPhone but definitely some great memories for me.

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