Thursday, September 20, 2012

Places I Go

September has so far included a lot of family related travel. Great to do but I do need a home breather right now.  I like my routine and I love my home. After a lifetime of travel, moving hither and yon, I'm quite happy to be a homebody most of the time. Going is fun but home is oh so comfortable.

The month started out with a trip to New Mexico to buy chiles. That was a birthday trip for me! We both like the Big Jim chiles and usually buy enough to last us a year or two.  Take a little cooler and they come home with us as luggage. Yes, it's always hot at that time of year in the SW but at least it doesn't have Maryland's humidity.

It was a lot of fun scrapping this trip because I have had these papers around for a while and use them most of the time we head out to this part of the country.  Lively and colorful like the local culture.

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