Thursday, August 23, 2012

Working My Way Through Italy

No, I'm not employe over there. I'm steadily been working on the digital images of the recent trip to the Italian Lakes and Genoa. I finish one trip before going on another. It rarely happens but I try. Having the torn tendon this summer has kept us home more than usual, tho if I had my way, I'd never go anywhere in the summer unless the Serious Guarantee was for temps in the 70s. NO higher!  Lots of luck with that as I'm married to someone who does like some heat. Fortunately, he knows that "If Mama ain't happy, ain't no body happy..."

We arrive in Italy and take the train into Milan to spend one night.  Just enough time to do a bit of exploring,  enjoying a meal,  having a gelato, and then a good night's sleep.

The following day we take the train back to the airport where we pick up our car and head north to Lake Orta.

We had spent a week in this same apartment before in the late autumn and decided to come back for another season because it was just so beautiful.  A small town almost car free with the Alps just to the north.

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