Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Resizing Project Life Cards for Printing

For the most part, I am a totally digital scrapper. Less mess, and unfinished projects can just sit in a computer file or sometimes just hang about my screen desktop. I usually keep that desktop a lot tidier than my actual wooden desktop though!  But all those great project life cards... Sometimes I do print some to use in a page protector that holds the extra images I print at home. Sometimes those images have overlays or journaling ON them but not always. When I don't have enough of the right size images to fill the page protector those journaling cards come in handy for telling a bit more of the story or telling about something that has no image.

I'm also someone who wants to get the best use out of cardstock. This means I'm frugal-->cheap.  I may also want a card from this designer and two from that kit and ....you get the picture. I want a mixed assortment.

When I saw this tutorial I thought  of you and decided to share it.  If resizing is still a vague process for you, try this one out.  Thank you to the Two Peas in a Bucket Blog. It's not all just paper there!

Click here for the step by step tutorial

For myself, I finally just made a layered template with 6 rounded corner clipping masks. (I really squished them on that 8.5x11 sheet!) You could just as easily do it with four and give yourself some breathing room!

I want to get a lot of cards printed out as a gift for my daughter in law. She has a new baby but had to go back to work very soon after the birth as she's a teacher. I thought these cards would be a nice way for the baby sitter to note some of little Maria's activities and changes each day so Mom had a tangible memory of what was happening as she was in school doing her job. I hope she likes the cards! We're finally seeing the little one next month! Hope it cools down in Arizona....maybe under 100???

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Waseem said...

like the post...so much informative for me..i will definitely use it when need for plastic card printing.

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