Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Frames and How to Keep Photos Inside

This is a subject that used to give me grief when I first started scrapping and the subject tends to come up every so often on scrapping forums. Maybe you are one of those people wondering how to do this.

If I am using the same frame a lot on a page, I am more likely to make and use a clipping mask and then even save MY masked version in the original file. Of course it didn't always occur to me to save my own edited version til I realized I was making the same clipping masks on the same frames over and over...Some of us learn more slowly than others!

Here is another method or two from the Designer Digitals team. It's worth learning the Magic Wand tool method because the concept is so useful for other things as well. Try it out! Erase is always a good basic method but be sure to save a copy of the photo etc you are erasing. Erasers do slip at inopportune moments and sometimes something is saved before someone notices that ...Ooops! I erased a good part! Yes, I am Someone. How did you guess?!?!

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