Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rings on Her Fingers and Roses on Her Toes

I have never been able to tolerate having a flip flop sandal strap between my toes. It's probably because I spent a lot of my childhood wearing brown oxford lace up shoes because my feet were so narrow. Elegant feet, my mother said, even as she had to pay a small fortune, for her, to get me those oh-so-dull shoes. Fortunately, I went to a Catholic school so the shoes only blended into the also dull uniforms.

I also suspect I do not like the feel of that toe strap because I never saw such a shoe until I was in my late teens.  Did they even exist in the early 60s? Perhaps elsewhere, but not in my little corner of the world. In any case,  it's a totally moot point for me this summer as I continue to wear The Boot. My heel and tendon tear are healing and I may go into the fall ...with my regular sandals! I seriously doubt we will have cool--> cold weather til late October or maybe Thanksgiving. Maybe Christmas with the wacky weather the world is having. But that is a tangent for another time.

However, if I did wear flip flops or similar sandals, this pair would be MINE!!! I love them! I may see if I can concoct a version of my own with  craft store flowers and a new pair of sandals. Don't you love that deep dark rose red?? That would call for a weekly pedicure I'm sure! My feet want these, they do.
overwhelmed by the shoe's beauty,  the blogger forgot where she found these

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