Thursday, August 9, 2012

Humma Humma Hummus

Most of the time I try to keep myself off Twitter. You know how it is. You can easily lose a day of the week there! So many people, so many interesting conversations. The extrovert in me feels like she is wandering at an never ending party, made even better because most of the people I follow aren't getting drunk.

Yesterday, a Tweet caught my eye. It had been retweeted by @kalynskitchen and I trust Kalyn to have good taste as well as good recipes. Now hummus is pretty darn basic in my kitchen but this recipe was truly written and illustrated with a lot of humor. So if you like your chickpeas with a good dash of funny, go have a look.

Read all about Roasted Tomato Hummus, and how Bev got to the point of this lovely photo above. You can find it at Taste for Adventure. Seriously, go have a laugh and then get back into the kitchen and get your hummus on!

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