Friday, August 31, 2012

Flashback Friday: Goodbye Summer?

Just a fun image for you to say goodbye to summer and start looking forward to those much nicer, imho, autumn days.

Cooler, less humid and maybe even goodbye mosquitoes. No more grass cutting either! Not that I cut grass...but someone does and it's not this little boy!  I did have a push mower back in my 40s and it was a good bit of exercise.  I seriously don't miss it at all!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Still More Bella Italia

I am still working diligently on this album, but now found some new supplies that I like a whole lot better and may...may...go back and change a page here or there. You know how that is, or do you???

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: PSE 10 Blending

This tutorial caught my eye because it shows several parts of the blending process very clearly. You may not want to make something like the image shown, but adding your own images to a basic photo can give you some wonderful results.

Hope you enjoy this one!

Monday, August 27, 2012

AAM Italia Italia

Continuing on with the May trip to Italy. Someone asked me if making these pages makes me want to go back. OH baby, yes, yes, yes. Some trips are more of just a recording of the memories but other trips, like this one, are ones that make me want to book something.

However...having the restriction of the boot on my left foot has made us scale back those wishes. Some easier, closer to home trips might be just the thing instead.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Flashback Friday: Little Girls Grow Up

After last week's photos of girls who made some not so good choices, here's a girl who did a lot of the right things. The young Jodie Foster.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Working My Way Through Italy

No, I'm not employe over there. I'm steadily been working on the digital images of the recent trip to the Italian Lakes and Genoa. I finish one trip before going on another. It rarely happens but I try. Having the torn tendon this summer has kept us home more than usual, tho if I had my way, I'd never go anywhere in the summer unless the Serious Guarantee was for temps in the 70s. NO higher!  Lots of luck with that as I'm married to someone who does like some heat. Fortunately, he knows that "If Mama ain't happy, ain't no body happy..."

We arrive in Italy and take the train into Milan to spend one night.  Just enough time to do a bit of exploring,  enjoying a meal,  having a gelato, and then a good night's sleep.

The following day we take the train back to the airport where we pick up our car and head north to Lake Orta.

We had spent a week in this same apartment before in the late autumn and decided to come back for another season because it was just so beautiful.  A small town almost car free with the Alps just to the north.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Resizing Project Life Cards for Printing

For the most part, I am a totally digital scrapper. Less mess, and unfinished projects can just sit in a computer file or sometimes just hang about my screen desktop. I usually keep that desktop a lot tidier than my actual wooden desktop though!  But all those great project life cards... Sometimes I do print some to use in a page protector that holds the extra images I print at home. Sometimes those images have overlays or journaling ON them but not always. When I don't have enough of the right size images to fill the page protector those journaling cards come in handy for telling a bit more of the story or telling about something that has no image.

I'm also someone who wants to get the best use out of cardstock. This means I'm frugal-->cheap.  I may also want a card from this designer and two from that kit and get the picture. I want a mixed assortment.

When I saw this tutorial I thought  of you and decided to share it.  If resizing is still a vague process for you, try this one out.  Thank you to the Two Peas in a Bucket Blog. It's not all just paper there!

Click here for the step by step tutorial

For myself, I finally just made a layered template with 6 rounded corner clipping masks. (I really squished them on that 8.5x11 sheet!) You could just as easily do it with four and give yourself some breathing room!

I want to get a lot of cards printed out as a gift for my daughter in law. She has a new baby but had to go back to work very soon after the birth as she's a teacher. I thought these cards would be a nice way for the baby sitter to note some of little Maria's activities and changes each day so Mom had a tangible memory of what was happening as she was in school doing her job. I hope she likes the cards! We're finally seeing the little one next month! Hope it cools down in Arizona....maybe under 100???

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Serenade: Not at Your Local Beach

Summer really calls for beach time, but for me these days, I'll wait til it gets cooler. Much cooler. But when I was young, the Beach Boys really epitomized what summer sounded like. I never saw them LOOK like this though but I guess they did what the agents wanted. Enjoy a video from a really earlier time.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Flashback Friday: The Original 1%

This image and text comes from the Time Life website. This photo of the one of the Hells Angels, back in the 1950s, gives another meaning to the phrase "1% " being bandied about in today's political climate. Interesting to see the term go from one end of the spectrum to the other, but still be a term of disgust by the rest of the population.

Hells Angels were men. Who were the women with them? Ones who knew their place which was in a different bar room from the bikers. Speak when spoken to.  I doubt somehow that it was plastic surgery that resulted in that bandaged nose.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday...Thinking About

Thinking about a comment I left on a blog post this week. What is one of my favorite times of day? Ah…

My husband is an early riser, way early imho. Somewhere around 04:30 or 05:00. Lots of times it's even earlier. This was hard for me when we first married a decade ago as I was still working and being awakened THAT early made it hard to go back to sleep and then wake up at the right time. I had been accustomed to waking around 6am but not getting up til about 6:30 or so. No problem with work, as I always worked about a mile from my house. My work started at 9am so there were a lot of times I walked to work. That was then.

My sleep for a lot of those early years of marriage was also broken by snoring. Having a bed buddy who snored was a whole new experience for me. Ok, more like a horrible shock. But I learned to cope - most often by moving to another room when awakened in the night. No fun, but I managed to get most of my sleep requirements met.


Fast forward to today. I am now retired and my husband's snoring has nearly vanished due to weight loss as well as nasal drops that really work for him.  He still gets up way before I do but now it's different. That time after he flips the duvet over and leaves the room is special quiet time for me. I stretch out over the whole bed and relish that feeling of time and space. Sometimes drifting back into dreamland, sometimes staying in that special state in between sleeping and being fully awake. Thoughts drift in and out, randomly rather than consciously. I don't try to think of anything, knowing that my mind and soul are sorting out priorities. I'll remember what I need to remember for the day and can let go of old thoughts that may have burdened my yesterday. It's a wonderful free floating feeling.

Sometimes I do fall back asleep, not so much any more, but when I do, I trust that I needed that sleep. Some more things needed to be resolved on a deeper level.  06:30 to get up? yes, I'm back to that in the days of more sunlight. In the darker days of winter, I will on occasion stay in bed til 7am but I can really feel it's past my 'get-up' time.  But whatever time it is, I really do like that quiet time in my own bed in the morning.  Definitely one of my favorite times of the day.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Frames and How to Keep Photos Inside

This is a subject that used to give me grief when I first started scrapping and the subject tends to come up every so often on scrapping forums. Maybe you are one of those people wondering how to do this.

If I am using the same frame a lot on a page, I am more likely to make and use a clipping mask and then even save MY masked version in the original file. Of course it didn't always occur to me to save my own edited version til I realized I was making the same clipping masks on the same frames over and over...Some of us learn more slowly than others!

Here is another method or two from the Designer Digitals team. It's worth learning the Magic Wand tool method because the concept is so useful for other things as well. Try it out! Erase is always a good basic method but be sure to save a copy of the photo etc you are erasing. Erasers do slip at inopportune moments and sometimes something is saved before someone notices that ...Ooops! I erased a good part! Yes, I am Someone. How did you guess?!?!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunday Serenade: Just for You and Your Town

I don't know what show this one was from but it was definitely waaay back. 1966 to be precise. Check out those long long sideburns. While the clothes are familiar, I seriously don't remember those sideburns. I suspect I just put them out of my mind!

Here's hoping you are having a slightly cooler time in the dog days of August. But enjoy those nights!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rings on Her Fingers and Roses on Her Toes

I have never been able to tolerate having a flip flop sandal strap between my toes. It's probably because I spent a lot of my childhood wearing brown oxford lace up shoes because my feet were so narrow. Elegant feet, my mother said, even as she had to pay a small fortune, for her, to get me those oh-so-dull shoes. Fortunately, I went to a Catholic school so the shoes only blended into the also dull uniforms.

I also suspect I do not like the feel of that toe strap because I never saw such a shoe until I was in my late teens.  Did they even exist in the early 60s? Perhaps elsewhere, but not in my little corner of the world. In any case,  it's a totally moot point for me this summer as I continue to wear The Boot. My heel and tendon tear are healing and I may go into the fall ...with my regular sandals! I seriously doubt we will have cool--> cold weather til late October or maybe Thanksgiving. Maybe Christmas with the wacky weather the world is having. But that is a tangent for another time.

However, if I did wear flip flops or similar sandals, this pair would be MINE!!! I love them! I may see if I can concoct a version of my own with  craft store flowers and a new pair of sandals. Don't you love that deep dark rose red?? That would call for a weekly pedicure I'm sure! My feet want these, they do.
overwhelmed by the shoe's beauty,  the blogger forgot where she found these

Friday, August 10, 2012

Flashback Friday: Lovely to Look At

Now this is a nice summer idea, a Mother-Daughter day at the museum. Oh those days of long ago outfits, and quiet, calm museums in the summer. Somehow, it's just not like that today.

found on tumblr

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Humma Humma Hummus

Most of the time I try to keep myself off Twitter. You know how it is. You can easily lose a day of the week there! So many people, so many interesting conversations. The extrovert in me feels like she is wandering at an never ending party, made even better because most of the people I follow aren't getting drunk.

Yesterday, a Tweet caught my eye. It had been retweeted by @kalynskitchen and I trust Kalyn to have good taste as well as good recipes. Now hummus is pretty darn basic in my kitchen but this recipe was truly written and illustrated with a lot of humor. So if you like your chickpeas with a good dash of funny, go have a look.

Read all about Roasted Tomato Hummus, and how Bev got to the point of this lovely photo above. You can find it at Taste for Adventure. Seriously, go have a laugh and then get back into the kitchen and get your hummus on!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Toggle Your Choice

Another great Quick Click from the newsletter of Digital Scrapper.  I am still such a total novice in the wonderful  blending modes that PSE contains.

This Quick Click hint will make it super easy to see theses two blends in their basic form. Then if one appeals to me I can fiddle with the opacity.  In cooking, I've heard this referred to as 'messin' with the recipe' which I DO like to do!

As always I suggest you sign up for the newsletter to get these wonderful tips right in the privacy of your own inbox!

Monday, August 6, 2012

AAM - Orange on the Mind

This time of year seems to be an orange color time for me. The heat, the humidity and desert travel to be planned.  So Week 31 of Project Life as well as a page about a trip into DC started out with orange on my mind. One I cooled down quite a bit but the DC day? Yes, bloody hot orange.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Flashback Friday: Road Trip in August

It is said that the French always escape from Paris in August.  I suspect these women had just that idea. The clothes either tell me they wished to remain tres chic or it really wasn't August...What do you think?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lemons into Lemonade

Life is going well, and as a friend and I talked about our lives on Tuesday, it's all about attitude. How much do you want to gripe? Sometimes a bit is necessary to get that emotion out but in the end, it's still about attitude. I guess I needed my own reminder.

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