Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Yes, You Can Kern!

This one came from a blog post by Trixie Scraps Designs. Most PSE users didn't think they could kern their text. I sure didn't think I could but once again, I did not feel it was worth the CS price to change just for that. Usually I just used the move tool to squish or stretch the words.

Here's how to use steps that Tracy, aka Trixie, spells out in that blog post. Will it work for me? I'll have to see!!

and after being 'kerned' at 100% it looked like this.

I think I will later try this out to see what it looks like if just one word of a group is kerned,
Here is the basic font.

Now with the word "Astoria" kerned @100%. Interesting.

I suspect this would look a lot more dramatic depending on the font used. This one was just near the top of my font list!  Have fun playing with this, and thank you Tracy for searching the net for this great tip!

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