Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: About That Clock

This is not quite a tutorial today,  but rather a where-to-find.

I believe I had this screensaver on a former computer. However,  having had work and home computers for so many years, that could have been anywhere in the past 20 years back when we needed screensavers!  I've thought of this screensaver fondly on and off for a while as you can tell. I had to wonder and of course then Google it when I finally decided to search for this baby. Yes, I have the time in the corner of my beloved iMac, and yes I have an analog clock on my wall, but ....Well, if you like clocks and time you understand. So if you want the digital clock screensaver on your Mac  with Mavericks then try THIS LINK.  This version will NOT work on earlier OSystems however according to the description. If I find a link for that one I'll post it.

eta: This post was updated on August 24, 2014 as the earlier link no longer worked on my Mountain Lion. However, once I updated to Mavericks, the newer version did not work but the older one still on my hd did. Go figure... fwiw, fiqlo.com as far as I can see only had a download link that does not take your directly to the clock. Beware some links that require you to add a dedicated search engine. You don't need that by any means and you may have a hard time getting it off your computer.

You can follow the progress of this clock on Twitter by following @fliqlo
This is NOT an active link.

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