Saturday, July 21, 2012

Chirstmas in July - Memories i.e.

Snow is rare in Washington DC for Christmas but there are other things that are special to this city during the holiday season. The lighting of the National Christmas Tree on  the small grassed area south of the White House.  There is also a Congressional Tree between the Capitol and the Mall. I went into DC to watch the lighting once when I was a Congressional staffer. One of the memories that goes back to my childhood, however, is the poinsettia display at the "Botanical Gardens"which is also down Capitol Hill at the start of the Mall. My mother loved to see this amazing display and I was always fascinated by the steamy atmosphere where the tropical plants lived!  While we always called it the "Botanical Gardens", the proper name is the United States Botanic Gardens.

Last year my husband and I had a DC day where we visited the display which now includes a train for the children as well as miniatures of the important buildings on Capitol Hill. The stars of the show are still the poinsettias though. Red, pink, striped in all sizes and varieties. The display is free too! If you happen to find yourself in Washington DC some December, put this event on your list for a quiet, peaceful break in the holiday season.

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