Monday, July 9, 2012

AAM The Weeks That Were

Getting up to date with the 365/366/Project Life isn't bad when there are
  1. Photos
  2. Journaling Bits via DayOne
  3. iCal calendars - between the two of us we have 5 calendars
  4. Tweets
  5. Goodreads to remind me what I read
  6. Netflix to remind me what I watched

Week 23 had a neutral mood so I went with the more subdued tones. Once in a while that's good.

Week 24 was a lot about food and gardens. That's typical for the season when the Farmers' Markets become part of my life.

Week 24 was also done when Designer Digitals had a color challenge that I liked so the citrusy colors were used for this week and the following one.

Week 25 was my week for the annual dog-sitting for my family while they go to Myrtle Beach. Better them than me at the beach at this time of year. My dh and I wait til the cooler weather of autumn for our jaunts down.

How's your Project Life or 365 or Memory Keeping doing? Do you realize the year is half over? It's never to late to jump on in and have a wonderful memory of the days.  Seriously!

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