Monday, July 30, 2012

AAM: Project Life Weeks 29 & 30

Sometimes, when it seems that I don't think I have many photos, or much to put into a weekly page,  I'm pleasantly surprised.

  • There are some photos 
  • There are book images to get on line 
  • There are images of tv shows I've been glued to (ty Netflix)
  • There is a record of where we've been on our iCals
  • There is the day in day out bits of journaling on DayOne
It's all good and most weeks I'm surprised that I do have so much to put on a page. When it flows that easily, I'm even inclined to look for some bits and bobs in my stash to 'tart it up'! Not a lot. I'll never be the Queen of Embellishments and that's fine. Using patterned paper is a big departure for me!

Can you believe it? We're on the downward slope for Project Life 2012?  Only 22 more weeks!  It really has been fun so far. I guess I'm hooked.

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