Monday, July 16, 2012

AAM Monday Project Life Wk 26

Right after my extended stay in the hospital, I was able to go on a pre-planned retreat for the weekend. Down on the Potomac River, the retreat house has marvelous views. Calming and peaceful. Lots of good womanship, and time to regroup and recenter. Such a blessing. I especially enjoyed talking with several women who shared my experiences in both the expat life and the political life. While I don't really miss either, it was good to remember some of the unique times and how it was to return to the United States, sometimes feeling very very foreign.

Back home I'm catching up on some Project Life I started before I headed south.

Then a Challenge page which shows a 2011 position I hope to enjoy a bit more this week! Of course, there's a boot on my left foot now, but the afternoon lounging feels the same.

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