Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winding Up the Dogsitting

As much fun as it's been to be on my own for a couple of days, NO responsibilities to anyone except an easy going 'mature' dog, I'll kind of be glad to go home. The arrival of summer full blast yesterday made me less inclined to go off to the nearby outlets especially as I really didn't need anything. Shame about that!

I've also been tasked with watering the plants which is no big deal except now it means waiting til almost 8 to water in the shade. I think the mosquitoes must hear me open the door because it feels buggy out. Or maybe it's just that we've had such a long springlike time that I'm just not used to them. Moving the sprinklers round every 10-15 min last night gave me a few soaks which felt darn good!

This is one thing I wish we had at my house. Interesting that the milk delivered here in VA is actually produced in Maryland.

The reason I am here? This sad looking boy. I can't tell if he's counting the days til his real Mama comes home? or is he sad that I'm not watching another movie/tv series on Netflix? or does he know that I'm going out to hopefully get a haircut? I was thinking about letting my hair grow  - til it got hot. Now I realize that a project like that is best done in cooler weather!

But seriously....look at that face. He couldn't get much closer to me on the couch unless he sat on my lap!

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