Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial; Making Stripes

I've never been a great fan of stripes but in small doses, imho, they do add a good bit to a scrapbooking page.  Plus, there are times you might like to have just one bit of stripe in the colors of your own choice. Too hard to do? Oh no... The hardest part is walking away from this little bit of fun because you know...some of these little toys can be a way to while away much more time than you imagined!

I saw this idea mentioned on Pugley Pixel as I was going back through her tutorials. Yes, there's no surprise that I fell down the rabbit hole.

click here to Stripe Generator

Did I make any of my own stripes? Yes I did!

What does this look like as a whole paper? Interesting and better looking in Adobe PSE but you get the idea.  I obviously need to learn how to learn more about pattern making because what looks good as a small .png may not look great as a 12x12 page. A designer, I'm not!  but I suspect there are many tutorials out there in helping you learn the translation ratio.

But how do you make that .png into a pattern you ask? Truly easy. When the .png is opened in PSE, go up to your menu bar, Edit -->Define Pattern, and there you are! Name your little creation.  Now go back to or open a blank 12x12.  Once again, go to Edit --> Fill Layer

Under Use, select Pattern. Click custom pattern, and look for your pattern. UNCLICK Preserve Transparency or your white 12x12 will remain white. Ask me how I know... Hit ok, and watch your paper fill with your pattern.

There it is! Try it and have fun! Maybe put a a timer on when you start this. Just sayin'.

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