Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: All those Shortcuts

Do you get the newsletters from various scrapbooking stores? You should you know! Why?

1. They're free
2. They often have coupons or offers for products at their store
3. They often have some great tips or tutorials - right in the newsletter!

This short one comes from a recent newsletter from Digital Scrapper. I love shortcuts in PSE and use some all the time. What would we do without the Undo command...CMD-Z or CTRL-Z for you Windows users. If I say CMD, you use CTRL.  Then there is CMD-S for Save, CMD-O for Open, the old standbys CMD-C for Copy, CMD-V for paste. I only get myself in trouble sometimes when I've been doing a lot of cutting and pasting, and reverse them. That's the time for CMD-Z to undo my own mistake!

Now three step ones I'm not sure I can translate into Windows since it's been a good while since I had to deal with the Gates empire.

I really like this 'quick click' from the Digital Scrapper newsletter because it eliminates a few key strokes when you want to make that background a layer. Why would you want to do that? Good question. So you can edit it. Have you ever tried to edit a background and Adobe just sat there petulantly? That's why.

I hope Digital Scrapper continues including more of these 'quick clicks' because any way we can save our hands and wrists makes sense.

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