Monday, June 4, 2012

Starting that Italy Album

I thought I had better get going with the album from our recent trip to Italy before the memories vaporize. When the trip started, I had great intentions of using Day One to record thoughts as the day went on and in the evening. My intentions were certainly good, and so were my actions for a few days. But once again, I didn't follow through. It isn't as if our days were so exhausting or filled with so much activity, but for whatever reason, the good habit of the early days went to hell and a hand-basket.

Looking at my lack of written notes for a lot of the days, I figured I had better get going before other life ideas pushed the memories out the door. I had planned to do a bit more planning of the album, but when I got this free template by email from Get It Scrapped and downloaded the new files from The Daily Digi , I decided just to get going.  I'm going to think a bit more on the following pages but this one was fun, and that's the point.

btw, this is one of the very few layouts I've done as a two-pager. While I usually try to get the adjacent pages to either match or at least work together,  I really don't do much with a full 2 page layout in one page. That's why this one has very few extras. I just wasn't in the mood for 40-50 layers! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

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