Friday, June 1, 2012

Flashback Friday: Not This Year

Even as we come back from a big trip, one of the trips that always is up front in both our minds is...England. Even though there is no driving for us in England - that was not a pleasant experience for either the driver or the panicky navigator! - we have managed several trips to London and one to the South of England that involved the memorable driving.

Last year, it wasn't The Wedding we planned to see or attend - as if! - but we did manage to be in England just after the nuptials. It was so much fun to see all the decorations and souvenirs for sale. But in addition to London,  the trip took us north to Oxford.  We had a week in a flat in the Oxford Union that was just perfect. Right in the heart of town, and despite some nightly noise from the students, it was ideal.

Oh the weather! oh the gardens!

No, we didn't bike either!

Now THAT is a herbaceous border!

Another trip to England? well no, not this year, the year of the Olympics. I'm not a dedicated fan of the games, and I certainly don't need the crowds. But 2013? you never know!

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