Monday, June 18, 2012

AAM Monday: A Netflix Day

All About Me Monday - One of the perks that comes when I dogsit is that my son and family have an Xbox hooked up to their TV. I can watch Netflix without hooking up my Macbook, a tedious process at home. Yes, I like my technology simple and clean, without cables strung across my living room. My grandchildren did have to show me how to operate the  Xbox controller but after writing down the steps, I think it's in my head now.

Yesterday was one movie, a Wire in the Blood movie, and a full season of Portlandia, as well as a handful of episodes of House of Cards, a series I had always wanted to watch from the beginning. Over the years I had seen the odd episode here and there and really enjoyed it. "You might very well think that; but I couldn't possibly comment" oh so clever political doublespeak.

 I had also planned to do some catch up on shows I never saw and don't intend to follow on regular TV, e.g Portlandia.  I have no patience with commercials except for the rare show like Breaking Bad or Mad Men.

Today will probably be more of House of Cards as well as scrapbooking and keeping the dog happy. I look forward to an easygoing day, especially as it's damp and overcast here.

How about you? Make it a great Monday!

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