Saturday, June 2, 2012

365/Project Life 12 week 19

I am truly going on my own way with this yearly project. Some days get a full layout, some days get jammed into a week's layout, and some weeks are a bit condensed.

Week 19 saw us going to the beach for a convention/retreat and then coming home to get ready for the trip to Italy. 

I LOVED the combo of teals on Katie Pertiet's papers. (hint! these are free ones!) They blend very nicely with the butterflies on the Pocket Page template.  Serendipity when that happens! I could let you think that I seriously planned it all down to the most minute detail, but alas...I'm not quite that perfectionist. I love seeing other people who have ten zillion elements on their page but a template like this has more than enough for me. I can add a few more things on my own and be very very content.

click to see digital products

click to see digital products

Because that Italy trip covers weeks 20 and 21, I'm forging on with Week 22 next so in my own mind, I'm caught up. Trips take many more pages and Italy will be one of those! Are you still doing a 365 or Project Life? Remember, there are NO rules! If you skip weeks, you skip weeks. Anything you do is better than nothing done. Seriously...but be sure to have fun!


rebekah said...

I'm thinking about taking this up as my challenge later this year. Have you liked doing Project Life?

Maureen said...

I've liked it a LOT Rebekah! It's not always in the 'standard' Project Life mode which gives me more freedom to make pages which suit me at each particular moment.

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