Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback Friday: End of School?

By now I hope you are out of school if you are in school, or your children are out of school if you have children, or it just feels like time for a break for you. I'm trying to make this summer be like the ones of my childhood. No real plans. Lots of books. Lots of just laying around and daydreaming. Catching up on Netflix movies and tv shows. Watermelon and iced tea days.

A sore ankle, which is making walking hard, has helped me in this decision.  But like the little girl above, I'm just ready to ...enjoy summer. I hope you are too! (or settling in next to the fire with a cuppa if you are Down Under.)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

365 - Catchin' Up via Project Life

The Italy pages are still undone, as I  realized it was just getting to hard for me to scrap on my 13" Macbook, and dh has taken back the 17" MBP.  So those will have to wait their turn.  I've lost my strong interest in doing them right now and I never want to do such things out of obligation. If my hobby isn't joy, I put it aside for a bit.

However, the 365/Project Life is simpler or at least it is for me. Some people go all out with lists of 40 or more embellishments per page, but "it ain't me".  I like mine pretty but easy to do. 

So here is what week was it...oh yeah, week 22.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Making a Video Montage

I must say I haven't tried this one out yet. However, I do have some video clips that would work so my basic materials are there. I'd be working in the Mac iVideo so if I get one done, I'll update this.

Thanks to Kellie Hampton for this wonderful video. Go and check out her blog. Beautiful and touching. It will remind you to Enjoy the Small Things.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Serenade: Mellow Mellow Mellow

Back home after a week dog sitting, it''s so nice to be home. Steely Dan and some nice visuals to go along side.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Winding Up the Dogsitting

As much fun as it's been to be on my own for a couple of days, NO responsibilities to anyone except an easy going 'mature' dog, I'll kind of be glad to go home. The arrival of summer full blast yesterday made me less inclined to go off to the nearby outlets especially as I really didn't need anything. Shame about that!

I've also been tasked with watering the plants which is no big deal except now it means waiting til almost 8 to water in the shade. I think the mosquitoes must hear me open the door because it feels buggy out. Or maybe it's just that we've had such a long springlike time that I'm just not used to them. Moving the sprinklers round every 10-15 min last night gave me a few soaks which felt darn good!

This is one thing I wish we had at my house. Interesting that the milk delivered here in VA is actually produced in Maryland.

The reason I am here? This sad looking boy. I can't tell if he's counting the days til his real Mama comes home? or is he sad that I'm not watching another movie/tv series on Netflix? or does he know that I'm going out to hopefully get a haircut? I was thinking about letting my hair grow  - til it got hot. Now I realize that a project like that is best done in cooler weather!

But seriously....look at that face. He couldn't get much closer to me on the couch unless he sat on my lap!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: All those Shortcuts

Do you get the newsletters from various scrapbooking stores? You should you know! Why?

1. They're free
2. They often have coupons or offers for products at their store
3. They often have some great tips or tutorials - right in the newsletter!

This short one comes from a recent newsletter from Digital Scrapper. I love shortcuts in PSE and use some all the time. What would we do without the Undo command...CMD-Z or CTRL-Z for you Windows users. If I say CMD, you use CTRL.  Then there is CMD-S for Save, CMD-O for Open, the old standbys CMD-C for Copy, CMD-V for paste. I only get myself in trouble sometimes when I've been doing a lot of cutting and pasting, and reverse them. That's the time for CMD-Z to undo my own mistake!

Now three step ones I'm not sure I can translate into Windows since it's been a good while since I had to deal with the Gates empire.

I really like this 'quick click' from the Digital Scrapper newsletter because it eliminates a few key strokes when you want to make that background a layer. Why would you want to do that? Good question. So you can edit it. Have you ever tried to edit a background and Adobe just sat there petulantly? That's why.

I hope Digital Scrapper continues including more of these 'quick clicks' because any way we can save our hands and wrists makes sense.

Monday, June 18, 2012

AAM Monday: A Netflix Day

All About Me Monday - One of the perks that comes when I dogsit is that my son and family have an Xbox hooked up to their TV. I can watch Netflix without hooking up my Macbook, a tedious process at home. Yes, I like my technology simple and clean, without cables strung across my living room. My grandchildren did have to show me how to operate the  Xbox controller but after writing down the steps, I think it's in my head now.

Yesterday was one movie, a Wire in the Blood movie, and a full season of Portlandia, as well as a handful of episodes of House of Cards, a series I had always wanted to watch from the beginning. Over the years I had seen the odd episode here and there and really enjoyed it. "You might very well think that; but I couldn't possibly comment" oh so clever political doublespeak.

 I had also planned to do some catch up on shows I never saw and don't intend to follow on regular TV, e.g Portlandia.  I have no patience with commercials except for the rare show like Breaking Bad or Mad Men.

Today will probably be more of House of Cards as well as scrapbooking and keeping the dog happy. I look forward to an easygoing day, especially as it's damp and overcast here.

How about you? Make it a great Monday!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sunday Serenade: I crossed the water

Well, not the big water as we on the east coast of the US call the Atlantic, but the water between Maryland and Virginia. I'm spending a week dog-sitting with an old dear dog. Very low maintenance week. However, he looks a lot better than the Stones did back in the 70s!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashback Friday: Domodosolla

This is not so far back obviously, but rather just about a month ago. I was testing out a tutorial over at Oscraps forum about making a watercolor from an image. Oh what fun, and it certainly took me way out of my comfort zone.  Not bad for a first go round. At least that's what I think!

This is the name of the actual forum thread that has the information. I believe the details will be up on the Oscraps blog sometime in the future, but they have asked that the info not be linked . How to make a photo part drawing, part photo? 

Have you tried a watercolor technique yourself? I'd love to hear of any other methods for PSE. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: What's Slowing my Mac?

Does your Mac seem to be slowing down?  It happens to us all at times and frustrating is only a mild reaction. Here is a recent video from Macworld that gives a clear picture of how to monitor your Mac's CPU usage.

I love the sense of humor the narrator has.  Oh yes, to terminate with extreme prejudice! Sometimes, one just has to deal severely with one's Mac. ;-)  I hope this gives you some tools to work with if your beloved Mac seems to be slowing down.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Serendade: June, no not the month!

Well it is June to be sure, but there's one singer named June who was quite a woman. June Carter Cash. Take a listen to her singing with her husband Johnny Cash. I never saw them perform but I bet it was something!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Once A Year or Maybe More

Each year we try to go to as many ethnic festivals as we can in the greater Baltimore-Washington area. That really takes me back to my roots when each church in my small Pennsylvania hometown consisted of a particular nationality.  My mother came from a Lithuanian family and my father came from an Irish family. Their marriage was not looked on with favor from either family, even though both families and churches were Roman Catholic.  But that was the downside. The upside is that in communities like this, the old traditions were kept and more importantly to me, the old recipes were cooked year after year.

Baltimore has kept this kind of neighborhood for much longer than a lot of areas probably because of its historic blue color base, and festivals are supported by the city government. In addition, t's a draw for tourists. Washington DC has many many foreign nationalities represented in the population but it is still the churches that keep these kinds of events going.

This is the hall of the church  

Annapolis? Well our Greek Festival has blossomed in the years that I've lived here. The community has remained solid, mainly a Cypriot based community, and the new church is magnificent. If we're in town we always try to get there. This year we were home and enjoyed ourselves immensely.

I had all mezze
He had the roast chicken dinner

What the tent had is below

No, we didn't have any sundaes

We went to see the Greek dancing inside the main hall. I had seen another group of children dancing inside yet another tent while he went back to the car for his phone. This 2nd group was one of many throughout the day, from little ones on up to adults. The tiny boy on the far left really was good and I hope he continues with the dance as he grows up. You could tell he felt the music and wasn't just doing the steps. What woman doesn't like a man who can dance???

While we bypassed those Baklava sundaes, we did have our desserts while watching the dancing. Each year I  have my absolute favorite. Galaktobouriko.  One piece to eat and one to take home. He got the pastry sampler which is lasting us all week.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial; Making Stripes

I've never been a great fan of stripes but in small doses, imho, they do add a good bit to a scrapbooking page.  Plus, there are times you might like to have just one bit of stripe in the colors of your own choice. Too hard to do? Oh no... The hardest part is walking away from this little bit of fun because you know...some of these little toys can be a way to while away much more time than you imagined!

I saw this idea mentioned on Pugley Pixel as I was going back through her tutorials. Yes, there's no surprise that I fell down the rabbit hole.

click here to Stripe Generator

Did I make any of my own stripes? Yes I did!

What does this look like as a whole paper? Interesting and better looking in Adobe PSE but you get the idea.  I obviously need to learn how to learn more about pattern making because what looks good as a small .png may not look great as a 12x12 page. A designer, I'm not!  but I suspect there are many tutorials out there in helping you learn the translation ratio.

But how do you make that .png into a pattern you ask? Truly easy. When the .png is opened in PSE, go up to your menu bar, Edit -->Define Pattern, and there you are! Name your little creation.  Now go back to or open a blank 12x12.  Once again, go to Edit --> Fill Layer

Under Use, select Pattern. Click custom pattern, and look for your pattern. UNCLICK Preserve Transparency or your white 12x12 will remain white. Ask me how I know... Hit ok, and watch your paper fill with your pattern.

There it is! Try it and have fun! Maybe put a a timer on when you start this. Just sayin'.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Starting that Italy Album

I thought I had better get going with the album from our recent trip to Italy before the memories vaporize. When the trip started, I had great intentions of using Day One to record thoughts as the day went on and in the evening. My intentions were certainly good, and so were my actions for a few days. But once again, I didn't follow through. It isn't as if our days were so exhausting or filled with so much activity, but for whatever reason, the good habit of the early days went to hell and a hand-basket.

Looking at my lack of written notes for a lot of the days, I figured I had better get going before other life ideas pushed the memories out the door. I had planned to do a bit more planning of the album, but when I got this free template by email from Get It Scrapped and downloaded the new files from The Daily Digi , I decided just to get going.  I'm going to think a bit more on the following pages but this one was fun, and that's the point.

btw, this is one of the very few layouts I've done as a two-pager. While I usually try to get the adjacent pages to either match or at least work together,  I really don't do much with a full 2 page layout in one page. That's why this one has very few extras. I just wasn't in the mood for 40-50 layers! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Serenade: Oh Melina...

This weekend is the annual Greek Festival in our town. As seems traditional, one night tends to have a tremendous rain, and while we didn't plan to go Friday night, the weather was true to course. Potential tornado for a lot of the afternoon and evening, and then a real downpour at night.

So for their final day this year, maybe rain will be "Never on Sunday".

Saturday, June 2, 2012

365/Project Life 12 week 19

I am truly going on my own way with this yearly project. Some days get a full layout, some days get jammed into a week's layout, and some weeks are a bit condensed.

Week 19 saw us going to the beach for a convention/retreat and then coming home to get ready for the trip to Italy. 

I LOVED the combo of teals on Katie Pertiet's papers. (hint! these are free ones!) They blend very nicely with the butterflies on the Pocket Page template.  Serendipity when that happens! I could let you think that I seriously planned it all down to the most minute detail, but alas...I'm not quite that perfectionist. I love seeing other people who have ten zillion elements on their page but a template like this has more than enough for me. I can add a few more things on my own and be very very content.

click to see digital products

click to see digital products

Because that Italy trip covers weeks 20 and 21, I'm forging on with Week 22 next so in my own mind, I'm caught up. Trips take many more pages and Italy will be one of those! Are you still doing a 365 or Project Life? Remember, there are NO rules! If you skip weeks, you skip weeks. Anything you do is better than nothing done. Seriously...but be sure to have fun!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Flashback Friday: Not This Year

Even as we come back from a big trip, one of the trips that always is up front in both our minds is...England. Even though there is no driving for us in England - that was not a pleasant experience for either the driver or the panicky navigator! - we have managed several trips to London and one to the South of England that involved the memorable driving.

Last year, it wasn't The Wedding we planned to see or attend - as if! - but we did manage to be in England just after the nuptials. It was so much fun to see all the decorations and souvenirs for sale. But in addition to London,  the trip took us north to Oxford.  We had a week in a flat in the Oxford Union that was just perfect. Right in the heart of town, and despite some nightly noise from the students, it was ideal.

Oh the weather! oh the gardens!

No, we didn't bike either!

Now THAT is a herbaceous border!

Another trip to England? well no, not this year, the year of the Olympics. I'm not a dedicated fan of the games, and I certainly don't need the crowds. But 2013? you never know!

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