Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: PSE Drop Shadows on their own Layer

I was looking at a tutorial to make images appeared curled, and while the narrator said you could do it in PSE, I found that there was a CS step I couldn't replicate. However, thanks to the wonderful people who share their knowledge on the internet, an almost solution was found. Drop shadows are not big in my book...I know, I know...we each have things we just don't care about that much. However, being able to curl a photo sounded like fun so here's they basic step you need to get that drop shadow on its own layer.

I still haven't been able to get the actual curl done with the separate shadow layer because I haven't had time to see how to replicate the non-existent Warp tool in PSE. If anyone has an suggestion on how to do that, I'd be glad to hear it!

I'm going to have to investigate the other videos Hummie might have. Hope you like this one!

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