Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Little Bit More California

Oh really, is there ever too much of California? Well to this solid East Coast woman, it's always a surprise that I love California so much. Maybe it brings out the CA girl in all of us! the one I never was when I was a girl. In any case, we had so much fun this trip. I speak for myself. I'll  have to ask him, Mr. Process it Slowly, what he thought now that it's a few months down the road.

After our time at the market, we headed over to Oakland and met up with our son in the Coast Guard.  We had a full tour of the ship and while a good bit went over my head and wore out my legs standing, it made my husband happy and proud of his son. As I say on the page below, the great Mexican food at lunch revived me. All in all a really nice visit.

I have a hard time believing that we did even more that day but seeing is believing. A trip to the Asian Museum, a jaunt down to Ghiradelli Square and the harbor and finally a Thai dinner.

Just writing about that day makes me feel like a nap! More from this January trip another day.

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