Friday, May 4, 2012

Flashback Friday: Rosita la Remachadora

Rosita la Remachadora


This is a photo from the wonderful Flickr group Collage Items. The description comes directly from the Flickr page.

From National Women's History Project--copy and display permitted where the intention is to educate and/or write women back into history.

From the pamphlet Las Mujeres: Mexican American/Chicana Women

Rosita the Riveter
With the outbreak of World War II, the nation's economic situation changed dramatically. During the Great Depression, employment opportunities had been scare, and non-US citizens were denied many jobs. With the industrial boom brought on by the war, the US opened its southern border to admit thousands of temporary workers from Mexico, and set up job training programs for people who were already living here. Garment industries doubled their plant locations in border cities like El Paso, with Mexican-American women filling nearly all jobs.

Mexican-American women were also among the millions who took jobs in teh defense plants which opened to supply the war. Wartime employment offered many women their first opportunity to work away from the watchful eyes of family members, to earn decent wages, to socialize with women outside their immediate communities, and to wear pants. Doing work that was formerly done only by men, these women workers came to have a new sense of self-esteem, and pride in their accomplishments. 

(Text is taken directly from pamphlet, for educational purposes.)

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