Friday, May 25, 2012

Flashback Friday: Just Two Weeks Ago?

Sometimes if I didn't have photographs, I'd wonder if I'd ever left home. You know... there is laundry to do, gardens to weed, meals to shop for AND cook. But on my first day back in my own home, it's also nice to look back on our first day in Orta San Guilio....just a short while ago.

Waiting in the parking lot in front of our apartment. Each time Elana has greeted us with the keys which we now know how to use easily. Big iron keys for doors that were made a long long time ago.

After unpacking and settling it,  and a short nap, we walked up the hill for an early dinner. We had eaten at Mario's several times on our last winter visit, and I wanted to try them again. There was no sitting inside this time! Being the first to eat, we had our choice of tables outside, and with ours was a view of Lake Orta as the sun started its descent in the west.  Perfect dry sunny weather, the kind I usually call "San Diego" weather.

Afterwards, a slow walk down the hill into town to see what changes had happened in the 18months since we last visited.  More restaurants were open that had been closed in the winter season, more people walking about on the narrow lanes, but the lake as beautiful as ever. With church bells ringing across the lake and down the mountains, it was truly as beautiful as before. It was good to be back.

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Anonymous said...

Looks beautiful! Love that you use our pet phrase for beautiful warm, dry weather - we always say, "It's a San Diego day."

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