Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Adding a Flickr Photo to Blogger

This is the basic way of adding a photo from Flickr. Kim Klassen, in addition to her wonderful texture classes, has a lot of videos with loads of tips for photographers, scrappers, bloggers etc. I also like that she has a calm voice and you don't feel frenetic when you listen and try to duplicate what she's doing.

You do have to go into the HTML tab, but even if you haven't tried using that one, it's just a copy and paste. Then you can go back to the non-HTML Compose tab. Easy-peasy. But as Kim says, you do have to re-center, or at least on my Mac you do also. Not sure why this glitch is still around in Blogger or if it is a glitch or if it is a Mac thingy. Sometimes things aren't worth worrying about especially if the fix is as simple as it is. Of course if you want your photo on the left, you don't need to do anything. 

iStudio - adding flickr image to blogger post from Kim Klassen on Vimeo.

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