Saturday, April 28, 2012

Still California

It has been so much fun to see these photos and make pages of them and remember the great time we had. Perfect weather, lots to do and see and as always such good good food in California.

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Starting my own walk down through Chinatown while he took the bus on to the Ferry Building.

So much to see and investigate, and so hard on the old knees walking down those hills. Walking up hill is more difficult but there isn't that knee jolt. I learned to take the worst of the pounding with my left leg, and give the right knee the easier part of walking.

We met up here at the Ferry Building for lunch and oh was it good. I had great hopes of getting back to Boccalone for airplane food for our return to MD. However, it didn't happen. :-(

Evening had us heading down to Fishermans' Wharfe for a walk, a new fleece vest for him and then the Ferry Building for our actual dinner.

All roads seemed to lead us to the Ferry Bldg area for buses etc, and this Saturday was no exception. After ogling the produce at the Farmers' Market we headed east by BART to Oakland and a visit with our Coast Guard son.

More to come!

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Carol said...

Love your holiday photos, what a great travel memory you've captured, the sights and sounds all on the pages. I especially like that first page.

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