Saturday, April 7, 2012

Oh The Fun...

There they are, all over the floor. No the Easter Bunny didn't come early and have a fit with the jelly beans. Oh no, that might...MIGHT...have been fun. No this is not candy of any form.

Thursday, some woman made herself a healthy dinner of bean soup from a nice "Bob's Red Mill" mix of goodies. As the day went by, I kept thinking "I should pour those beans into a jar..." Yes, I thought about it. Several times. But no, I didn't do it, and of course at one point after dinner, I bumped the bag. About a cup of lentil sized little beans and vegetable bits flew! Then when I went to vacuum them up a lot of them shattered. About half went from lentil sized to chipped lentil sized. More vacuuming and then finally a lot of time with a broom and finally a dust pan and brush.  I still am finding little bits here and there and there and there. 1 cup managed to travel into about a 20 ft radius. I do hope they had fun cause I sure didn't.

The soup WAS good by the way. I may even have more today. But the beans? They''re locked up in a jar. Finally. I hope I've learned this lesson.

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