Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh California!

We have both come to the conclusion we are seriously urban folk. Yes, country and nature are important but only in small doses. Otherwise I start to get bored...unless I am by myself on a retreat. For travel that I am paying for, give me a big city or even a smaller city with lots to do and see AND eat and a good public transit system.

I love my own hometown, but as any visitor knows you need a car, and you need to keep moving that car because street parking is seriously limited.

But in San Francisco we had it all. Places for both of us to explore and places to investigate on our own. We have also found that having breaks of alone time makes the trip a lot more serene. I like to wander and dart into a shop or alley that catches my interest and he likes a set agenda. So he plans the things we do together which satisfies Mr. Long Range Planner, and when we have time apart, I wander hither and yon. We meet up for lunch or dinner which I usually choose and both of us are happy.

This was not our first time in the city by the bay, either alone or together, but I'm already thinking of when we can do it again. Next time, renting an apartment?

Our first day involved being met by a Jesuit friend who then took us on a tour and lunch in 'his' San Francisco. We stayed just two blocks from Grace Cathedral and started our week with a walk round the labyrinth.  

It didn't take us long to realize that our wonderful location at the TOP of Nob Hill would involve a serious walk back up the hill every time we went down the hill as we did our first night. Going down is not a lot of fun either on an achy knee! But dinner was needed and I'm not usually much for 'just eat in the hotel'.

I decided to use some of these card from Cathy Zielski to add more journaling to some of the actual photos without making them full pages. I think I need to refine the process but it worked for me, and I'll certainly do them when I go hybrid for some days.

So there you have two of our January days in San Francisco. Wasn't the weather gorgeous?

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