Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: Close to Home

Senate Office Bldg. (LOC) 

THE Senate Office Building in Washington DC circa 1910-1915. In the far left background is  Union Station. This photo would have been taken from the steps of the Capitol to have that perspective.

Both buildings are still in current use though the original Senate Office Building is now known as the Russell Senate Office Building and has been joined by two more buildings, the Dirksen Senate Office Building and the Hart Senate Office Building.  The shortened abbreviation of S.O. B. is not frequently used. I'm sure English speakers can imagine why!

When I was a child and streetcars still ran, though not on streets so deserted as these, my mother worked at the Library of Congress just a few blocks away. I walked these streets many a summer when I went into town with her and whiled away my days til it was time for me to meet her when she got off work. Those were good days and I think my love of urban areas goes directly back to those times.

Here's how the area looks today.


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