Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

We often have Easter dinner at my son's house in VA.  Our grandchildren are really past the easter egg hunting but sometimes there are other families invited who have smaller children. The eggs are not hard boiled eggs but instead the neon bright plastic eggs. There is also one silver egg for each child and the rule is you cannot have more than one silver egg. Silver eggs have money in them from $1, $5 to the one that has a $10 bill in it!

The oldest grandchildren hide the eggs, and this year the grass was lush and thick so hiding didn't have to be in obscure places. Watching the youngest one run from here to there was so much fun! At 5 or 6 he still had that exuberance for the chase. When he found a silver egg, everyone encouraged him to open it!! Jack was the recipient of the $10 bill but at his age, the money was not as special as the fun of looking for more eggs.

Later after most of us were sitting round the table talking and lingering over dessert, the children were in the next room with a dance video on. Young Jack went to town watching and pretty much making his own moves to the music. Mary, however, watched and watched, really concentrating on what one was supposed to do. She was certainly 'processing' rather than just jumping in. When I saw the photo of this, I decided she really wasn't planning on dancing, she was planning on flying! Thus the seed of thought for this page was planted.

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