Monday, April 30, 2012

Change - Just a Bit!

I was seriously getting tired of the green blog background but it seemed a nice change when I was anticipating spring. Now that we had such an early spring and then what seemed like summer, I'd had enough. One day I'll change again, just as the weather has.

Out gardening today, it felt as if we were going into fall. brrrr. But I had a few plants to put in,  some weeding to deal with before the rain comes again this week. I am so not into gardening and the prospect of bugs and TICKS this year makes it all the less appealing. But, my job it is.

But back to the blog...the only thing I still have in mind is a new header. I can't believe I totally forgot how to do that but I did so it won't be happening today! Maybe in early May.

Here's a nice photo from early morning in my kitchen. No I don't always burn a candle in the morning but I just felt like it on Sunday. Nice, huh?

btw, after seeing this photo, the candle holder went into the dishwasher! In this case, the photo didn't lie.

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Tammy said...

I like your new look. :)

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