Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Day that the Rains Came Down

We had booked a tour of the taro fields in the Hanalei Valley and a lunch there earlier in the week. We had arrived in Kauai a day after a very serious thunder and lightening storm which included flash floods. We figured that by midweek the weather might be back to sunny and dry. Well each day had sun and each day had rain but nothing like the storm that hit earlier in the week.

But the day of our taro poured and it poured and then it poured harder. But our hardy guide Lyndsey forged on and gave us a wonderful morning. A wet morning but a true taste of the farmers' life.

We arrive and wonder if our trip is going to be cancelled as the rain comes down and each couple eyes the sky and wonders what will come next. What's next? the tour which goes on despite the weather.

Lyndsey, our guide, squats next to the taro fields sorting photos that are covered in plastic and taro plants for us to examine. Does this remind you of Vietnam? It could, because these taro fields have stood in for the rice fields of Vietnam in several films.

On the drive home, the road is flooded here and there and we hope to get back to Lihue before a road is closed. But we do stop and take a quick look at this beautiful view of the lush fields taking in the needed rain. Hawaii in the winter. A remarkable season.

More information on this family and the tours can be found here.

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