Monday, March 19, 2012

AAM - or The Week That Was

I greatly enjoyed doing 365 last year and did manage to get all my weeks done In The Same Year! I have some weeks from this year that aren't done but those are the weeks of trips early in the year when the scrapping time later was totally lost. Things are as they are so they will get done, in time. But I decided I wanted to try some more iPhone apps and really like the pictures I get from Notica.

I didn't notice that the dates didn't match at the top and the bottom of the photo cards but I ignored that and just used them as square photos. The notes did help me to get a bit of annotation on each photo so it all worked out in the end. I'll have to do some more practice with this and see what gives.

Are you doing 365(6) or Project Life this year? How's it going for you now? Some times simplify is what's needed to get back into the swing.

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