Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial - Ok not exactly a Tutorial

I just  saw these last week on Tim Holtz's site. Now you know Tim has great tutorials of his own ALL the time, so be sure to stick around his site or just put it on your feeder or blog roll or something. Whenever you feel your mojo slipping away, Tim can sure get you back into a happy inspired mode.

So what am I sharing that isn't a tutorial? Well these. Lots of charts that you can fill  in with the colors you already own. You could take a photo of this on your smart phone once you've stamped in your colors and then look at your chart next time you're shopping and wonder ...Did I just buy Crushed Olive or was that one out of stock last time I had a Michaels' coupon... How cool is this? Lots of charts for lots of products. Check it out!

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