Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wait and wait some more

Sunday night had us expecting that my daughter might be released from the hospital on Monday. That's what the doctors said.

I hoped this was not the case as she was sleeping mostly round the clock, and not eating nor moving. The issue turned out to be different. The chemo wasn't finished until 3am today. So no discharge, but we four parents had our own tentative plans settled on sharing the care. Each set will take one month at a time and alternate. Works for us! The NC parents have headed back home so now it's just us who wait.

Today I called to see if today would be discharge day...no not yet but call back in the afternoon. I don't look forward to a pm discharge but being on the hook for each day is not a joy either.  However, it is the hospital's decision not mine. So wait is the name of today's game.

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