Thursday, January 26, 2012

365 week 3, oh what a week it was

I hope I never have to have a week like this one again. Actually, a lot of it was concentrated in 4 days. I never wanted to be a nurse, or doctor or be involved in the medical profession in any way. I'm so glad that there are people who do though. I sure saw a lot of them during this week.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wait and wait some more

Sunday night had us expecting that my daughter might be released from the hospital on Monday. That's what the doctors said.

I hoped this was not the case as she was sleeping mostly round the clock, and not eating nor moving. The issue turned out to be different. The chemo wasn't finished until 3am today. So no discharge, but we four parents had our own tentative plans settled on sharing the care. Each set will take one month at a time and alternate. Works for us! The NC parents have headed back home so now it's just us who wait.

Today I called to see if today would be discharge not yet but call back in the afternoon. I don't look forward to a pm discharge but being on the hook for each day is not a joy either.  However, it is the hospital's decision not mine. So wait is the name of today's game.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How Fast Life Changes

Last Saturday, I planned to do a lot of enjoyable things - read, scrapbooking, maybe watch a Netflix movie. Nothing urgent, just a lot of pleasant things while my dh was away. One afternoon phone cal changed everything.

My daughter was being taken from her home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to Baltimore with a suspected brain infection. By the time she got there after 9pm, I had spent several hours waiting. Within a day or so, the brain infection was found to be a 'significant' mass behind her left eye. Cat scans, a MRI and finally a PET scan led to a diagnosis. She had malignant cancer in both that large mass and another one in her neck lymph node. There didn't appear to be an cancer cells showing up below her neck.

Today she was transferred to one of the cancer wards, and will start both chemotherapy and later radiation to deal with her tumor. We are looking at 7-8 weeks of treatment at UMD Medical Center Baltimore.  It is overwhelming but she does want to live.  All of this in less than a week....

Your prayers, and healing thoughts are certainly appreciated for her, and also for me.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A bit of scrapping - 366 style

Travel is a lot of fun, but I do miss having the regular routine of home. I also miss the time I have at home to do scrapping. It's a form of creativity I enjoy and it takes me to another realm. I learned once that most activities that involve two hands are soothing to the brain. Both sides of the brain are engaged and it's hard to stress or worry when you're creating in some way.

Last year I took on the 365 project, taking a picture every day. I like making a weekly scrapbook page with varying amounts of journaling.  2011 was my first year, and I decided to do it again. What about you? Are you in for this year? The 366 year???

Week 1

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Hello LA, Hello MD

Well, it's only gonna be a brief Goodbye San Francisco, Hello LA today. Then we settle in for the day's flight east. The whole day. But tonight I sleep in my own bed, and as nice as that is, I sure will miss the pillow top mattress and the 5 or so pillows of my own here in San Francisco.

I suspect my knees will be happy to get back to flatland as well. They have been speaking to me every day especially after some of the steep downhill walks. Good for the heart, good for the waistline but oh the knees weren't happy.

Maryland here I come. Even if you did just have some snow sprinkles!

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